Scorpion Venom Price List

Previously trading as D. Muller Professional Snake Catchers, S.A. Venom Supplies cc. have been producing high quality venom for anti-venom and research purposes since 1964.

We are the largest producers and suppliers of snake venoms in South Africa. We supply our venoms to scientific and medical institutions both in South Africa and internationally. We have been the major supplier of snake venom to the S.A.I.M.R. (now S.A.V.P), since the early sixties.
Bitis Arietans
Our quarantine, breeding and extraction station is situated in the heart of Black Mamba country in the Limpopo Province, 500 kilometers north of Johannesburg.

Bitis Nasicornis All our snakes are kept in enclosures exclusively designed to accommodate our climate and are fed a well balanced diet. We take pride in the fact that we seldom lose any snakes to stress or disease. Due to the good condition of our snakes, venom yields are high and toxicity levels are optimum.

We have also perfected the extraction of venom from back-fanged snakes. This particularly applies to the Boomslang (Dispholidus typus). Due to our efforts in this regard, Boomslang serum is now manufactured and readily available.

Venom from a broad variety of South African and African venomous snakes is stocked:

  • Mambas Dendroaspis Angusticeps (Green Mamba), Dendroaspis Polylepis (Black Mamba), Dendroaspis jamesoni (Jameson's Mamba) Dendroaspis viridis (West African Green Mamba)
  • Cobras Naja Annulifera (Snouted Cobra), Naja Melanoleuca (Forest Cobra), Naja Mossambica (Mozambique Spitting Cobra), Naja Nivea (Cape Cobra), Naja Kaouthia (Monocle Cobra)
  • Adders and Vipers Bitis Arietans (Puff Adder), Bitis Caudalis (Horned Adder), Bitis Gabonica (Gaboon Adder), Proatheris Superciliaris (Swamp Viper), Bitis rhinoceros (West African Gaboon Adder)
Other species include:
  • Hemachatus Haemachatus (Rinkhals)
  • Aspidelaps Scutatus (Shield Nose Snake)
  • Thelotornis Capensis Mossambicanus (Vine Snake)
  • Trimerusurus Okinawensis (Okinawa Habu)
  • Rhamphiophis Rhostratus (Rufus Beaked Snake)
  • Echis Pyramidium (North East Carpet Viper)
  • Echis Ocellatus (West African Carpet Viper)
  • Echis Coloratus (Painted Carpet Viper)
Bitis Arietans
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